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Here the web links that I have found useful in my journey;

Astronomical Calendar
Night Sky for the UK and Northern Europe.
Website Link:

Astronomical Catalogues & Symbols (Wilikpedia)
This is a partial list of the various lists of astronomical objects, and a compilation of symbols commonly used in astronomy, particularly professional astronomy.
Website Link:   List of Astronomical Catalogues  /  List of common astronomy symbols

Astronomy Picture of the Day
Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.
Website Link:  APOD’s today

British Deaf Astronomical Association
Formed in 2001, the British Deaf Astronomical Association (BDAA) membership is open to all persons interested in practical astronomy – particularly from the deaf community.
Website Link:  Facebook/British Deaf Astronomical Association

Darker View
Public nature of the internet also makes this personal database available to anyone in the world who wishes to share in what they have seen in dark skies…
Website Link:  The Observation Database by search (eg: M42 / NGC1499 / vdb23 / Sh2-276 / etc) / About Darker View.

Google Sky
To help you explore the far reaches of Universe.
Website Link:

Real-time satellite, ISS and Space Shuttle orbital pass information, maps and star charts.
Website Link:

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot Transit
Calculator for finding when the giant gas planet, Jupiter’s Great Red Spot (GRS) is visible.
Website Link:  GRS Transit Time Calculator

Milton Keynes Deaf Astronomical Society
Home of the Milton Keynes Deaf Astronomical Society (MKDAS), advancing the education of the deaf public in the subject of Astronomy.
Website Link:   MKDAS’s event

Reduce light pollution & save energy
Website Link:

Sky Maps
Recommended Books and Products for Skywatchers from New books, Star & Moon Atlases, Book for Beginners, Observing Guides, Planispheres, Telescopes Books, Books for Kids, Sky Ancient Lore, Astronomy & Space DVDs, Desktop Planetarium Software, Star Map Posters, Astronomy & Space Calendars, Telescopes & Binocular and Digital Astronomy Prints.
Website Link:

Observe the Sun in different modes.
Website Link:

Forecasts of solar flares and auroral geomagnetic storms, plus daily animations of the Sun.
Website Link:

Scientific Visualization Studio
They want you to learn about NASA program through visualization, and all the visualizations created by the SVS (currently totalling over 5,500) are accessible to you through this web site, and free to download!
Website Link:

Time and Date
Worldwide times for sunrise, sunset, eclipses of the Sun and Moon, moon phases, moonrise & moonset, equinoxes, solstices, and so more such as Eclipse Calculator, Meteors & Comets, Day & Night Map, Moon Light World Map, etc.
Website Link:

Provides an online interactive system. Includes articles, gallery, forum, and FAQ.


Star Maps

Objects by Catalog by DeepSkyPedia
(DeepSkyPedia is a wiki project formed to help amateur astronomers in planning their observing sessions.)

Astronomy Software


.FREE Software Download

  • Asterisms by Demelza Ramakers
    Small star pattern for telescopes and binoculars
    Free Download:
  • Cartes du Ciel
    Cartes du Ciel is a free and open source planetarium program for Linux, macOS, and Windows.
    Free download:
  • C2A Planetarium
    C2A (Computer Aided Astronomy) is a Planetarium software that allows you to build detailed views of stellar fields.
    Free Download:
  • DeepSkyStacker
    DeepSkyStacker is a freeware for astrophotographers that simplifies all the pre-processing steps of deep sky pictures; Registering  / Stacking  /  Simple post-stacking processes to quickly view the final result  /  Saving the resulting image to a TIFF or FITS file (16 or 32 bit).
    Free Downlaod:
  • Jupiter
    In addition to a representation of the positions of Jupiter’s satellites around the planet, the program represents the passing shadows of the satellites on the disk of Jupiter , and eclipses of the satellites in the shadow of Jupiter.
    Free Download:
  • RegiStax – free image processing software.
    For alignment, stacking, processing of astronomy images.
    Free Download:
  • Stellarium
    A free open source planetarium software for your computer, tablet or your smartphone!
    Free Download:
  • NASA’s Eyes Visualization
    –   Eyes on the Earth;  Explore Earth’s Vital Signs and fly along with NASA satellites.
    –   Eyes on the Solar Systems;  Explore our solar system and the spacecraft exploring it.
    –   Eyes on Exoplanets;  Explore the planets around other stars in our galactic neighbourhood.
    Free Download:

Dark Sites Recognised
Some sites across Britain have been awarded dark-sky status;

Light Pollution Maps

UK’s Stargazing Camping

UK Astronomical Societies

Astronomical Equipment

UK Astronomy Buy & Sell
UK’s Largest Trading Place for New & Used Telescopes and Accessories (On-line since 2003)

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