Top Tips



1. Be prepared
The more you can set up before it gets dark the better – leave items such as star atlas maps and binoculars by the back door.

2. Keep Warm
It can get quite chilly outside, so take out orar a coat, maybe a hat and some gloves.

3. Keep Comfortable
Standing and gazing up can be a strain on the neck – using a deskchair is a good solution.

4. Observing Site
check that where you are observing is safe from holes, dips, low walls or anything you could trip over in the dark.

5. Dark Adaptation
Give yourself a good five to ten minutes (for starters) for your eyes to get used to the dark as night sky – you will see many more stars.

6. Red Torch
To preserve your dark-adapted eyes – only use a torch covered in some red plastic filter stuff.


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