Periodic Table

The Periodic Table of chemical elements represents
the material – “ingredients lists” of the present-day Universe.

Periodic Table

  • elements are arranged according to their atomic number – the same number of protons in the nucleus.
  • in horizontal row – it’s called “periods and contain elements” that the same number of electron shells around the nucleus.
  • in eight vertical columns – it’s called “group” that contain elements have similar chemical properties;

Group 0 – on the far right; this contains the inert noble gases.

Group 0

Group I – contains the alkali metals; surprisingly – hydrogen is chemically an alkali metal.

Group I

Group II – contains the alkali earth metals.

Group II

Group II to Group VIII – contains poor metals and non-metals; with the halogens in group 7.

Group VII

Group II to Group III – metallic transition elements (which have incomplete inner electron shells) – located in the middle between group 2 and group 3.

Group II to Group III

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