Life cycle of our Sun

Life cycle of our Sun

  • the time frame of the Solar System’s formation has been determined using radiometric dating – Scientists estimate that the Solar System is over 4 billion years old.

Radiometric dating
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Our Sun

  • now our Sun around 4.6 billion years old – medium sized star, and halfway through its life.
  • probably live for other 11 billion years times.
  • after 11 billions years, our Solar System is gone.
  • over the next two or three, maybe four billion years, our Sun will brighten and swell until it is twice as bright and 50% bigger.
  • in 5 billion years, our Sun’s hydrogen fuel will have burnt out – inside our Sun’s core will start to shrink.

  • as its core shrinks – the rest of our Sun will swell up and its surface will become cooler and redder.
  • this will be a `Red Giant Star` that you can see compare other stars in our night skies today.
  • Our Earth will burn out long before our Sun is big enough to completely swallow it.

Example: Our Sun will end as a white dwarf.


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