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Tara Toys Free shipping / New Frozen 2 Sparkle Light N Elsa Max 82% OFF

Tara Toys Frozen 2 Light N Sparkle Elsa


Tara Toys Frozen 2 Light N Sparkle Elsa

Product description

Create your own light and sparkle character! Decorate with glitter markers amp; graphic stickers! Turn on the switch and watch it magically light up and the glitter swirl around! Display in your room and watch it sparkle!

From the manufacturer

Ariel Necklace Set Princess Slap Bracelets Mr. Potato Head Creativity Set MM Puff Sticker PLayset
Ariel Necklace Set Princess Slap Bracelets Mr. Potato Head Creativity Set Minnie Puffy Sticker Playset
Mix and match to create your own jewelry with colorful beads, silicone necklaces, and fun character charms! Everything stores neatly inside the plastic carry case. atch character charms and color rubber bands on the three slap bracelets included. Mix and match to create different designs over and over again! Store everything inside plastic case with handle Make your own Mr. Potato Head and create other fun character toys with this creativity set! This set includes everything you need to make your favorite characters and MORE! Create your own scenes over and over again with this easy to create set! No Mess, just peel and press! Use the puffy stickers to peel and stick onto the scenes included!

Tara Toys Frozen 2 Light N Sparkle Elsa

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