Into Space

Into Space 2
Information on Spacecraft into Space
(Rockets, Launch Vehicles, Satellites & Astronauts.)

Types of Spacecraft
A spacecraft is a vehicle that travels in space – most spacecraft begin their journey
at a launch site on Earth, and they are made in different shapes and sizes,
also carry different instruments depending on their missions.
The missions rockets are propelled into space by rockets.
(More information; see  below.)

Spaceflight Now

Gunter’s Space Page
(One of the world largest resources of information on Spaceflight)


International Space Station (ISS)


(National Aeronautics and Space Administration)

International Space Station

Hubble Space Telescope

Russian Space Web  
(Compiled by Antatoly Zak)

Spacewalks & Moonwal

Space Agencies

Space Tourism


Private Spacecraft into Space

First Rocket into space!

Dead U.S. Astronauts

  • Complete lists of Died Astronauts – decease

Timeline of Exploring Space
This is a timeline of Solar System exploration ordered by date of spacecraft launch.

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