Space Exploration

Space Exploration
Space is explored in two ways;
– by studying it from Earth using powerful telescopes.
– by launching spacecraft to get a closer view.

Space Exploration

  • most space exploration is by unmanned space probes.
  • first pictures of the far side of the Moon were sent back by the Luna 3 space probe on 7th October 1959. (more photos of the first pictures of the Moon.)
  • manned missions have only reached as far as the Moon and no one has been back there since 1972.
  • NASA – Apollo astronauts took three days to reach the Moon.
  • a journey to the nearest star; Alpha Centauri by a Space Shuttle would taken 80,000 years.
  • some spacecraft on long voyages of exploration may be driven along by nuclear power.
  • many probes have never come back from from another planets.

Did you know?

The Pioneer and Voyager probes carry information about life on Earth in case they are founded by extraterrestial life.


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