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MACloth Women Short Sleeves Formal Gown V Max 79% OFF Lace Neck Super popular specialty store Mother Midi

MACloth Women Short Sleeves Formal Gown V Neck Lace Midi Mother


MACloth Women Short Sleeves Formal Gown V Neck Lace Midi Mother

Product description

Quality Customized Dresses, Personalized Service.

You will receive an "Additional Information" message about your dress within 24 hrs. Please check your Mailbox (Inbox/Spam) or Amazon Buyer/Seller Messages.

Prompt REPLY will help you receiving your dress ASAP.

Please see the Size Chart before choosing size, or choose the closest size to you and provide us the following measurements.
A.Full Bust:______;(Essential)
D.Waist to Hem:______;(Essential to short dresses)
E.Waist to Floor:______;(Essential to long dresses)
F.Hollow to Floor:______;
H.Shoulder to shoulder:______;
I.Sleeve Length:______;(Essential to Sleeves dress)
Height of heel shoes:______.

Please feel free to contact us on color, size, shipment or other issues.
Before placing an order:
1.Select a size option, click on the name of the Seller.
2.Click Ask a Question or Contact the seller.
Or after placing an order with us:
1.Go to Your Orders.
2.Click the Contact seller button next to the relevant order.

Standard shipping service: You will receive the dress within 4-6 weeks. It includes 2-3 weeks of tailoring, and 2-3 weeks of shipment.
Expedited shipping service: You will receive the dress within 3-4 weeks. It includes 2-3 weeks of tailoring time and 3-7 days of shipment.

Silhouette: A Line
Neckline: V Neck
Waist: Natual
Hemline/Train: Knee Length
Sleeve Length: Short Sleeves
Embellishments: Beaded
Back Details: Zipper
Fully Lined: Yes
Built-In Bra: Yes
Boning: Yes
Fabric: Lace, Chiffon

MACloth Women Short Sleeves Formal Gown V Neck Lace Midi Mother

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