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Loopeer 144 Pieces Bear Max 73% New York Mall OFF Nail Gummy 3D Charms Resi Art

Loopeer 144 Pieces Bear Nail Art Charms Gummy Art Charms 3D Resi


Loopeer 144 Pieces Bear Nail Art Charms Gummy Art Charms 3D Resi

Product description

Color:Mixed Color


3D cute bear design:
The nail art decorations are designed as cute bear shape, 3D design make them look more vivid, with fresh and beautiful colors, these 3D resin cute bear nail art decorations will easily catch others attentions, you can choose different colors and sizes to match with your nails according to your taste.

Multiple uses:
These crystal bear shaped nails art accessories can be applied not only to embellish your nails, but also to decorate your phone case, hair tie, school bag or as a bookmark. You can also develop their usage by yourself, which will bring a lot of fun to your life.

Reusable material:
These bear nail decorations are made of durable and reliable resin material, hard to break or deform, can be applied repeatedly if you like. They are also easy to be removed with nail polish remover when not in use.

Material: resin
Large size: 9 x 11 mm/ 0.35 x 0.43 inches
Medium size: 8 x 10 mm/ 0.31 x 0.39 inches
Small size: 7 x 9 mm/ 0.28 x 0.35 inches

Package includes:
144 x 3D resin bear nail art decorations

The fingernails should be cleaned before use to ensure that there is no dirt on the fingernails.
Small items, please keep them away from kids to prevent choking hazard.

Loopeer 144 Pieces Bear Nail Art Charms Gummy Art Charms 3D Resi


Shri Bhaskar Sarma, IAS

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