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NGC / IC Object Name / Type Constellation Chart
NGC 40 Bow-Tie Nebula (Planetary Nebula) Cepheus NGC40_Finder_Chart.pdf
NGC 147 Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy Cassiopeia NGC147_Finder_Chart.pdf
NGC 185 Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy Cassiopeia NGC185_Finder_Chart.pdf
NGC 188 Open Cluster Cepheus NGC188_Finder_Chart.pdf
NGC 457 Open Cluster Cassiopeia NGC457_Finder_Chart.pdf
NGC 559 Open Cluster Cassiopeia NGC559_Finder_Chart.pdf
NGC 663 Open Cluster Cassiopeia NGC663_Finder_Chart.pdf
NGC 752 Open Cluster Andromeda NGC752_Finder_Chart.pdf
NGC 869/884 Double Cluster (Open Clusters) Perseus Double_Cluster_Finder_Chart.pdf
NGC 891 Unbarred Spiral Galaxy Andromeda NGC891_Finder_Chart.pdf
NGC 1097 Barred Spiral Galaxy Fornax NGC1097_Finder_Chart.pdf
NGC 1275 Seyfert Galaxy Perseus NGC1275_Finder_Chart.pdf
NGC 1851 Globular Cluster Columba NGC1851_Finder_Chart.pdf
NGC 2261 Hubble’s Variable Nebula (Variable Reflection Nebula) Monoceros NGC2261_Finder_Chart.pdf
NGC 2360 Open Cluster Canis Major NGC2360_Finder_Chart.pdf
NGC 2362 Open Cluster Canis Major NGC2362_Finder_Chart.pdf
NGC 2392 Eskimo Nebula (Planetary Nebula) Gemini NGC2392_Finder_Chart.pdf
NGC 2403 Intermediate Spiral Galaxy Camelopardalis NGC2403_Finder_Chart.pdf
NGC 2419 The Intergalactic Wanderer (Globular Cluster) Lynx NGC2419_Finder_Chart.pdf
NGC 2477 Open Cluster Puppis NGC2477_Finder_Chart.pdf
NGC 2506 Open Cluster Monoceros NGC2506_Finder_Chart.pdf
NGC 2775 Spiral Galaxy Cancer NGC2775_Finder_Chart.pdf
NGC 3195 Planetary Nebula Chamaeleon NGC3195_Finder_Chart.pdf
NGC 3626 Spiral Galaxy Leo NGC3626_Finder_Chart.pdf
NGC 3766 Pearl Cluster (Open Cluster) Centaurus NGC3766_Finder_Chart.pdf
NGC 4236 Barred Spiral Galaxy Draco NGC4236_Finder_Chart.pdf
NGC 4244 Spiral Galaxy Canes Venatici NGC4244_Finder_Chart.pdf
NGC 4449 Irregular Galaxy Canes Venatici NGC4449_Finder_Chart.pdf
NGC 4559 Spiral Galaxy Coma Berenices NGC4559_Finder_Chart.pdf
NGC 4565 Needle Galaxy (Spiral Galaxy) Coma Berenices NGC4565_Finder_Chart.pdf
NGC 4631 Whale Galaxy (Barred Spiral Galaxy) Canes Venatici NGC4631_Finder_Chart.pdf
NGC 4755 Jewel Box (Open Cluster) Crux NGC4755_Finder_Chart.pdf
NGC 4889 Elliptical Galaxy Coma Berenices NGC4889_Finder_Chart.pdf
NGC 5005 Spiral Galaxy Canes Venatici NGC5005_Finder_Chart.pdf
NGC 5139 Omega Centauri (Globular Cluster) Centaurus NGC5139_Finder_Chart.pdf
NGC 5694 Globular Cluster Hydra NGC5694_Finder_Chart.pdf
NGC 6025 Open Cluster Triangulum Australe NGC6025_Finder_Chart.pdf
NGC 6124 Open Cluster Scorpius NGC6124_Finder_Chart.pdf
NGC 6231 Open Cluster Scorpius NGC6231_Finder_Chart.pdf
NGC 6302 Bug Nebula (Planetary Nebula) Scorpius NGC6302_Finder_Chart.pdf
NGC 6541 Globular Cluster Corona Australis NGC6541_Finder_Chart.pdf
NGC 6543 Cat’s Eye Nebula (Planetary Nebula) Draco NGC6543_Finder_Chart.pdf
NGC 6826 Blinking Planetary (Planetary Nebula) Cygnus NGC6826_Finder_Chart.pdf
NGC 6882/6885 Open Cluster Vulpecula NGC6882_6885_Finder_Chart.pdf
NGC 6888 Crescent Nebula (Emission Nebula) Cygnus NGC6888_Finder_Chart.pdf
NGC 6934 Globular Cluster Delphinus NGC6934_Finder_Chart.pdf
NGC 6946 Fireworks Galaxy (Spiral Galaxy) Cepheus / Cygnus NGC6946_Finder_Chart.pdf
NGC 7000 North American Nebula (Emission Nebula) Cygnus NGC7000_Finder_Chart.pdf
NGC 7006 Globular Cluster Delphinus NGC7006_Finder_Chart.pdf
NGC 7009 Saturn Nebula (Planetary Nebula) Aquarius NGC7009_Finder_Chart.pdf
NGC 7023 Iris Nebula (Reflection Nebula) Cepheus NGC7023_Finder_Chart.pdf
NGC 7243 Open Cluster Lacerta NGC7243_Finder_Chart.pdf
NGC 7293 Helix Nebula (Planetary Nebula) Aquarius NGC7293_Finder_Chart.pdf
NGC 7331 Spiral Galaxy Pegasus NGC7331_Finder_Chart.pdf
NGC 7635 Bubble Nebula (Emission Nebula) Cassiopeia NGC7635_Finder_Chart.pdf
NGC 7662 Blue Snowball Nebula (Planetary Nebula) Andromeda NGC7662_Finder_Chart.pdf
IC 59/63 Reflection / Emission Nebulae Cassiopeia IC59_IC63_Finder_Chart.pdf
IC 342 Intermediate Spiral Galaxy Camelopardalis IC342_Finder_Chart.pdf
IC 2497 and Hanny’s Voorwerp Spiral Galaxy Leo Minor IC2497_Finder_Chart.pdf
IC 2602 Southern Pleiades (Open Cluster) Carina IC2602_Finder_Chart.pdf
IC 2944 Open Cluster / Emission Nebula Centaurus IC2944_Finder_Chart.pdf

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