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Max 56% OFF Outdoor Water Spray shop Sprinkler for Sp Kids Backyard and Toddlers

Outdoor Water Spray Sprinkler for Kids and Toddlers, Backyard Sp


Outdoor Water Spray Sprinkler for Kids and Toddlers, Backyard Sp

Product description


2021 New Water Sprinkler Toys for Summer - The Crazy tortoise sprinkler

Sumelay Team has been committed to the design and development of children's toys for 5 years.
We have high requirements and standards for each product. We have upgraded on the original basis. Designed a more lovely shape for it. I believe your children will like it even more.

Please Enjoying Your Home Water Park Now.

1.With the help of crazy tortoise sprinklers, your children can learn about body awareness, coordination, balance and full body strength to challenge their mind and body.
2.It can also promote parent-child interaction, create a relaxing and enjoyable summer.
3.Bring your pets, give your furry friend a cool summer days, as well as a place to play and have fun.
4.You will be excited to play in the sprinkle and spray. Get perfect photos of your kids or pets.
5.This sprinkler is easy to transport and store, you can bring it with you and your pets can gave fun everywhere.

2 ways of install

We provide you with the safest, easiest, most convenient and most economical way.
Just connect the turtles to the hose and you can create your own mini water park there in the backyard. Give your child an unforgettable summer memory!
1. Connect the water pipe directly to the water inlet of the sprinkler.
2. Connect the water pipe to the transfer port first, and then to the inlet of the water sprinkler.

Adjustable speed and water output, safer and more reliable.If you want more water, you can increase the water pressure and experience an exciting summer.

If you want the water to be softer, you can reduce the water pressure, which is suitable for kids and toddlers.
Package Included:

1 x Turtle Sprinkler
1 x Hose Connector

NOTE: Please place the turtle sprinkler on a flat ground before use. Then test and debug your water pressure.

Outdoor Water Spray Sprinkler for Kids and Toddlers, Backyard Sp

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