MKDAS 2011

Amateur Astronomy in Milton Keynes
Home of the Milton Keynes Deaf Astronomical Society (MKDAS),
advancing the education of the public in the subject of Astronomy.
MKDAS is a thriving deaf society located in Emberton, near Olney.

Programme 2011
Please text us if you are coming on 07845319228.
(Because the best of our knowledge, information and location
presented in this MKDAS programme is corrected at the
time of going to publication. However it might have changed.)

Mostly meeting start at 7pm.
(Click here for print out the MKDAS 2011)

The MKDAS Observatory is located at:-
The Emberton County Park,
Olney Road,
near Olney,
Milton Keynes,
Bucks, MK46 5FJ.

Find us on the A509 and meet us at the Gatehouse (Reception) at 7pm.

Programme 2011

Thursday 6th January (7pm)
Understanding the Sky Atlas Map and
how to target the celestial objects.

Thursday 3rd February – 7pm
Hunting the deep objects in the constellation
of Orion and the Christmas Tree Cluster (NGC 2264).

Friday 4th February – 10am till 5pm
Members will go to AstroFest at Kensington Town Hall.
(afterwards – pub dinner)

Thursday 3rd March – 7pm
Observing the Deep Objects in the constellations
of Canis Minor, Monoceros and Canis Major.

Thursday 7th April – 7pm
Observing the waxing crescent 4 days old,
also the constellation of Taurus and Auriga.

Saturday 23rd April – 10am
Running trip to The Astronomy Show at Birmingham.

Thursday 12th May – 7pm
Welcome to Midlands Deaf Astronomical Society visit us
for exchanging and experiences.

June, July and August
No meeting events

Thursday 8th September – 7pm
To prepare logging the lists for observing the faint Deep Objects
at BDAA Sky Camp at Norfolk.

Wednesday 21st September – Wednesday 28th September
Running Trip to the Sky Camp at Norfolk for one week,
organised by British Deaf Astronomical Association.

Thursday 27th October – 7pm
Observing the Deep Objects in the constellation of Cepheus,
Cassiopeia, Perseus – Also the Blue Snowball Nebula (NGC 7762).

Thursday 24th November – 7pm
To find the challenge for
Open Clusters and Globular Clusters.

Thursday 8th December – 7pm
Christmas Festive Meals at
Harvester Eastlake, Foxmile, Milton Keynes, Mk15 0YS.


Derek Rowley
Mobile Text:-  07845 319228
Email:-  derek(at)



2011 MKDAS – Running trip to AstroFest in London
(Friday 4th February 2011)

2011 MKDAS – Running trip to BDAA Star Party at Kelling Heath, North Norfolk
(Wednesday 21st September – Wednesday 28th September 2011)

2011 MKDAS – Running trip to Royal Greenwich Observatory in London
(Saturday 3rd December 2011)

MKDAS Introduction
(Founded 2003)

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