Messier (Nebula)

Supernova Remnants:

  • M1: The Crab Nebula

Planetary Nebulae:

  • M27: The Dumbbell Nebula
  • M57: The Ring Nebula
  • M76: The Little Dumbell, Cork, or Butterfly Nebula
  • M97: The Owl Nebula

Starforming Nebulae: (each of them containing a young open star cluster)

  • M8: The Lagoon Nebula
  • M16: The Eagle or Star Queen Nebula
  • M17: The Omega Nebula (also: The Swan, Horseshoe, or Lobster Nebula)
  • M20: The Trifid Nebula
  • M42: The Orion Nebula
  • M43: de Mairan’s Nebula (Part or Companion of the Orion Nebula)
  • M78 (a diffuse reflection nebula)

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