Lists of features:- Terra (Seas)

Terra on the Moon
The continental areas between the seas were given comparable
names by GiovanniBattista Riccioli, 
but were opposite the names used for the seas.
Thus there were the lands of sterility (Terra Sterilitatis), heat (Terra Caloris), and liveliness (Terra Vitae).
However these names for the highland regions are no longer used on recent maps,
and Terrae are not officially recognized 
as standard lunar nomenclature
by the International Astronomical Union.

– Name Origin / Near side position

Insula – Ventorum / Island of Winds /
Peninsula Fulminu – Peninsula of Thunder / Between Mare Humorum and Oceanus Procellarum.
Terra Caloris – Land of Heat / Southwest rim of the near side.
Terra Fertilitatis – Land of Fertility / Southeastern rim of the near side.
Terra Grandinis – Land of Hail / Northeast border of Mare Imbrium.
Terra Manna – Land of Manna / Region between Mare Tranquillitatis, Mare Fecunditatis and Mare Nectaris.
Terra Niuiu (Terra Nivium) – Land of Snows / Southeast border of Mare Imbrium.
Terra Pruinæ – Land of Frost / Northwest border of Mare Imbrium.
Terra Sanitatis – Land of Healthiness / Central region between Mare Nubium and Mare Tranquillitatis.
Terra Siccitatis – Land of Dryness / Northwest rim of the near side.
Terra Sterilitatis – Land of Sterility /
Terra Vigoris – Land of Cheerfulness / Region southeast of Mare Crisium.
Terra Vitæ – Land of Liveliness / Northeast rim of the near side.

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