List of the Arp of Peculiar Galaxies (Arp) – I’ve seen √

Sorted by Arp Number
(Thanks to all negetive imagines from
Arp16-Gx-Leo  (M66) – spiral with detached segments (may be separate sections).
Arp26-Gx-UMa  (M101; The Pinwheel Galaxy) – Face-on spiral galaxy with five notable companion galaxies.
Arp37-Gx-Cet  (M77) – spiral with three arms and knots in them, seyfert – a bright compact core.
Arp76-Gx-Vir (M90 / IC3583) – possibly interacting pair galaxies.
Arp78-Gx-Ari (NGC772) – faint material toward each two dwarf companion on arms.
Arp85-Gx-CVn (M51; Whirlpool Galaxy / NGC5195) - galaxy interacting with its satellite.
Arp86-Gx-Vul (NGC7752 / NGC7753) – large spiral arm between galaxies.
Arp113-Gx-And (NGC67 / 68/ 69 / 70 /71 / 72) - elliptical-like galaxies close to perturbing spirals
Arp116-Gx-Vir (M60 / NGC4649) - colliding galaxies.
Arp120-Gx-Vir (NGC4435 / NGC 4438) – warped arm in a `wisebone` shape.
Arp134-Gx-Vir (M49 / NGC4467) – elliptical with nearby fragments.
Arp152-Gx-Vir (M87; Virgo A) – elliptical galaxy with jet. (witnessed with Robin Lowe @ Norfolk.)
Arp153-Gx-Cen (NGC5128; Centaurus A) – disturbed with interior absorption dark lane.  (Naked object!)
Arp168-Gx-And (M32) – faint diffuse plume curved away from M31 disk.
Arp185-Gx-Dra (NGC6217) – narrow filaments; challenge outer filaments.
Arp189-Gx-Com (NGC4651) – narrow filaments; near tail apparently not associated (no connected.)
Arp229-Gx-Psc (NGC507 / 508) - faint outer halo (NGC507) enveloping NGC508.
Arp244-Gx-Crv (NGC4038 / NGC4039) – colliding galaxies (splitting into two galaxies).
Arp282-Gx-And (NGC169 / IC1559)  – double galaxies with infall and attraction.
Arp269-Gx-CVn (NGC4490 / NGC 4485) – knots bit lack of equality.
Arp317-Gx-Leo (The Leo Triplet; NGC3628 / M65 / M65) – Galaxy Group.
Arp319-Gx-Peg (Stephan’s Quintet; NGC 7317/18/19/20) – galaxies in colliding group.
Arp337-Gx-UMa (M82; Cigar Galaxy) – starburst galaxy.


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