I’ve seen it

I remember my first-time observing the Night Sky from my back garden at Milton Keynes to spot the first object, it was a planet – Saturn, then Jupiter. They were so closed on 1st August 2000 at 2am with my 4-inch telescope, which was given me by my partner, Sara, as a gift from that I become more enthusiastic!

Now I have a 20-inch dobsonian telescope – awesome! – You’re welcome to share!

Since 1st August 2000 till today that I have seen all the complete of Messier lists of Objects from Northern hemisphere and Southern hemisphere – I did, so you would do the same!

Here you see the photos below that I’ve seen it  –  so you would do the same!

List of Messier Objects (M)
M1 thru M110

List of Caldwell Objects (C)
C1 thru C109

List of New General Catalogue (NGC)
NGC1 thru NGC7840

List of Index Catalogue (IC)
IC1 thru IC5386

List of the Arp of Peculiar Galaxies (Arp)
Sorted by Arp Number

Lists of the Constellations
Alphabet in order

Lists of the Comets
Alphabet in order

Lists of our Planets
Alphabet in order

All eclipses

Lists of the Satellites
Alphabet in order

List of other names (A-Z)
Alphabet in order



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