List of the Index Catalogue (IC) – I’ve seen √

IC10 thru IC5332

IC349-BNe-Tau (Mag: ??) – Merope Nebula; large and extremely faint patch of luminosity surrounding the star Merope. Located in the Pleiades (M45) (Caldwell 5 / Merope Nebula or Pleiades reflection Nebula / vbB22.)
IC410-BNe-Aur (Mag: +7.5) – Tadpole Nebula; very faint, large emission nebula surrounding the large open cluster NGC 1893. (the letter Y Cluster.)
IC417-BNe-Aur (Mag: ??) – Spider Nebula; very large, diffuse, faint nebula.
IC418-PN-Lep (Mag: +9.3) – Spirograph nebula; ring structure; small and bright.
IC1340-SNR-Cyg (Mag: ??) – Veil Nebula (see NGC6960)
IC1396-OC+BNe-Cep (Mag: +3.5) – Elephant’s Trunk Nebula; seen Open Cluster but not seen faint& very large emission nebula.
IC1470-BNe-Cep (Mag: ??) – very faint and comet shaped; possibly a planetary nebula.
IC1559-Gx-And (Mag: +14) – part of Arp 282, contact NGC 169-Gx-And (Known as NGC169A).
IC1660-OC-T-c (Mag: ??) – extremely faint, very small & roundish.
IC1727-Gx-Tri (Mag: +11.5) – low surface brightness; emission patch. pair with NGC650.
IC1805-OC+BNe-Cas (Mag: +6.5) – Heart Nebula; faint, very large patch of nebulosity surrounding with 30 stars open cluster (Mel 15).
IC1848-OC+BNe-Cas (Mag: +6.5) – Embryo Nebula or Soul Nebula; faint and very large; irregular shape.
IC2156/57-OC-Gem (Mag: +8.4) – 20 stars; detached, no concentration of stars. Located WSW of M35.
IC2602-OC-Car (Mag: +1.9) – Southern Pleiades (Caldwell 102); 60 stars, detached, weak concentration of stars; large range in brightness.
IC2944/48-OC+BNe-Cen (Mag: ??) – Running Chicken Nebula (Caldwell 100); contains an open cluster [Centaurus Cluster] with 30 stars; detached, weak concentration of stars.
IC3583-Gx-Vir (Mag:+12.8) – Pair with NGC4569.
IC4628-BNe-Sco (Mag: ??) – Prawn Nebula; elongated; very irregular shaped. Located in North part of Open Cluster Tr24.
IC4703-BNe-Sgr (Mag: ??) – small patch of nebulosity with Eaagle Nebula or Star Queen Nebula (M16).
IC5067/70-BNe-Cyg (Mag: +8.0) – East portion of the Pelican Nebula; very large and faint.
IC5146-OC+BNe-Cyg (Mag: +10.0) – Cocoon Nebula (deep photo) (Caldwell 19); large, pretty bright; contains an open cluster of 20 stars; not well detached.IC1559

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