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Manufacturer OFFicial shop Pink Fishing Net Decor Hangings Mediterr Luxury goods Wall

Pink Fishing Net Decor,Fishing Net, Wall Hangings Decor,Mediterr


Pink Fishing Net Decor,Fishing Net, Wall Hangings Decor,Mediterr

Product description

The fishing net is decorated with beautiful nautical ornaments and it is very beautiful nautical style wall decoration.
It can be used for many occasions and many purpose.
You can use the fish net as a wall decoration for home, bar, coffee shop, beach restaurant or parties, etc.
You can use it for posting notes and photos with the clips to DIY a nautical style photo wall.
It is also perfect nautical gift for a relative, friend, neighbors or coworker.
Just put some other favorite trinkets on the fishing net and enjoy the pleasure of DIY.
The fishing net cannot be used for fishing, just for decoration.
NOTE: Please double check the sizes before purchasing.

Pink Fishing Net Decor,Fishing Net, Wall Hangings Decor,Mediterr

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