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2021 Camera Strap Accessories for Challenge the lowest price of Japan Professional One Leat Single

Camera Strap Accessories for One Camera Professional Single Leat


Camera Strap Accessories for One Camera Professional Single Leat

Product description

This Solo Camera Harness completely handmade and originally designed is suitable for everything all day weddings and studio shoots, travel and wildlife photography and sporting events.
The Camera Shoulder Harness is made of real high quality leather and hold camera comfortably at your hips and. The strap design to fit perfect around the shoulder. The Speed Clutch mechanism allows the camera to slide along the harness to eye level easily.
Suitable for both male and female
Shoulder strap holds one Camera
Quick release
Very strong metal hardware used. To secure your gear to the harness, the strap include Camera D-Ring Accessories that screw into camera. Include safety little strap. To keep camera safe make sure to hook extra security straps to your camera
Adjustable size
Fits any of dslr/slr cameras
Design with style
Satisfaction guarantee – if you won't love them we will buy them back from you no question asked.
So order your leather shoulder strap today from Coiro

Camera Strap Accessories for One Camera Professional Single Leat

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