8 Inch Dice Ranking TOP9 Tray with Lid Staging and Area D20 - Design $24 8 Inch Dice Tray with Lid and Dice Staging Area - D20 Design Toys Games Games Accessories $24,Dice,Staging,/footwalk301196.html,Inch,8,and,with,Design,Lid,-,D20,Dice,Area,www.derekscope.co.uk,Tray,Toys Games , Games Accessories $24,Dice,Staging,/footwalk301196.html,Inch,8,and,with,Design,Lid,-,D20,Dice,Area,www.derekscope.co.uk,Tray,Toys Games , Games Accessories 8 Inch Dice Ranking TOP9 Tray with Lid Staging and Area D20 - Design $24 8 Inch Dice Tray with Lid and Dice Staging Area - D20 Design Toys Games Games Accessories

8 Inch Dice Great interest Ranking TOP9 Tray with Lid Staging and Area D20 - Design

8 Inch Dice Tray with Lid and Dice Staging Area - D20 Design


8 Inch Dice Tray with Lid and Dice Staging Area - D20 Design

Product description

The Easy Roller Dice Company Dice Tray

This dice tray is a fantastic value thanks to it's rigid construction and quality leatherette wrap. This dice tray is an 8-sided tray, measuring approximately 8 inches from inside edge to inside edge.

Protect Your Dice

This dice tray is a great accessory for dice enthusiasts who want to protect their dice. The soft yet rigid construction of this dice tray allows for great rolling and great protection for heavier dice. This tray also offers protection for your tables and gaming mats.

8 Inch Dice Tray with Lid and Dice Staging Area - D20 Design

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