Facts about Io


  • the fifth moon in distance from the planet Jupiter.
  • orbits Jupiter at an average distance of 262,000 miles, similar to the distance the Moon orbits Earth.
  • very similar in size to our own moon.
  • most volcanically active object in the solar system.
  • volcanic plumes rise almost 190 miles (300 km) above the surface.
  • Io has an iron core just like Earth, meaning it could have its own magnetic field.
  • the moon’s orbit cuts across Jupiter’s powerful magnetic field producing 400,000 volts of electricity across its surface.
  • Jupiter’s magnetic field strips off 1 ton of material from Io every second!
  • Io is often compared to a pizza due to its unusual surface which is made up of sulfur dioxide deposits.
  • Io’s temperature from extremely hot to extremely cold – areas which feature volcanic activity can reach temperatures of over 2000C (4000F), away from these areas – volcanic activity, however will see temperatures plunge to -143C (-230F).
  • extremely hostile environment with little or no chance for the existence of life.

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