Facts about Ganymede

jupiter moon ganymede


  • Ganymede is the 7th moon in distance from Jupiter.
  • the largest moon in the solar system.
  • diameter of 3,270 miles, which is larger than the planet Mercury.
  • Ganymede orbits Jupiter at a distance of 665,116 miles, and takes 7 days 3 hours to make one orbit of the planet.
  • it is the only moon in the solar system known to have its own magnetic field.
  • it has polar caps, possibly caused by ice interacting with plasma being funnelled down its magnetic field and creating a layer of frost.
  • Ganymede has a low density meaning that even though it is bigger than Mercury it only has half its mass.
  • Ganymede’s low mass is as a result of water ice making around half its composition.
  • Jupiter’s gravity pushes and pulls at the moon causing underground friction, possibly producing one or maybe even two layers of salty liquid oceans under its surface.

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