Astrochemistry is the application of the science of chemistry
to the universe and everything in it.

Modern chemistry – the study of molecules and their interactions, has developed almost exclusively at or near Earth’s surface, with its;

  • temperature
  • gravity
  • pressure conditions


Its application to the rest of the universe , then, is not quite as direct or ubiquitous as physics is, even so, astrochemistry is extremely important to cosmic studies;

  • interactions of chemistry in planetary atmosphere.
  • surfaces, vital to understanding the planets and other bodies in the Solar System.


Many chemicals have been detected in interstellar gas clouds throughtout the Milky Way and other galaxies including;

  • water
  • carbon monoxide
  • methane
  • ammonia
  • formaldehyde
  • acetone (using in nail polish remover)
  • ethylene glycol (using in antifreeze)
  • dihyroxyacetone (using in sunless tanning lotion.)


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