$8 CSFOTO Polyester 7x5ft Blackboard Backdrop Back to School Backdr Electronics Camera Photo CSFOTO New color Polyester 7x5ft Blackboard Backdrop to School Back Backdr Polyester,Backdrop,Backdr,Back,7x5ft,Electronics , Camera Photo,$8,School,Blackboard,/education/disabled-students-allowance/,CSFOTO,www.derekscope.co.uk,to CSFOTO New color Polyester 7x5ft Blackboard Backdrop to School Back Backdr Polyester,Backdrop,Backdr,Back,7x5ft,Electronics , Camera Photo,$8,School,Blackboard,/education/disabled-students-allowance/,CSFOTO,www.derekscope.co.uk,to $8 CSFOTO Polyester 7x5ft Blackboard Backdrop Back to School Backdr Electronics Camera Photo

CSFOTO New color Polyester 4 years warranty 7x5ft Blackboard Backdrop to School Back Backdr

CSFOTO Polyester 7x5ft Blackboard Backdrop Back to School Backdr


CSFOTO Polyester 7x5ft Blackboard Backdrop Back to School Backdr

Product Description

The Best Choice: CSFOTO Online Teaching Backdrop for Photography


We are the professional manufacturer for photography background. We sell not only background but also high quality of life.

Detail description:

Usage: Suitable for online courses backdrop, classroom decor, school event, kids portraits,as well as for video backdrops ect.

Material: High quality polyester or vinyl.( We have a choice of different materials). Light weight, High resolution, Strong articulation.

Preparation:1-2 working days

We also can support the backgrounds customized as your request.

CSFOTO Polyester 7x5ft Blackboard Backdrop Back to School Backdr


Shri Bhaskar Sarma, IAS

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