Docooler,5.25,Electronics , Computers Accessories,Sunshine-tipway,inches,Card,Me,,STW,Internal,$20,/creeshy398784.html,Reader $20 Docooler Sunshine-tipway STW 5.25 inches Internal Card Reader Me Electronics Computers Accessories $20 Docooler Sunshine-tipway STW 5.25 inches Internal Card Reader Me Electronics Computers Accessories Docooler Sunshine-tipway It is very popular STW 5.25 inches Card Reader Me Internal Docooler,5.25,Electronics , Computers Accessories,Sunshine-tipway,inches,Card,Me,,STW,Internal,$20,/creeshy398784.html,Reader Docooler Sunshine-tipway It is very popular STW 5.25 inches Card Reader Me Internal

Docooler Sunshine-tipway It is very popular STW 5.25 inches Card Reader Me Internal Tucson Mall

Docooler Sunshine-tipway STW 5.25 inches Internal Card Reader Me


Docooler Sunshine-tipway STW 5.25 inches Internal Card Reader Me

Product description

This is a multi-functional card reader that features three USB 3.0 ports, one type-c port, 6 card slots. It supports CF MD XD MMC TF M2 MS and many more formats, and let you transfer files between your flash media and computer easily and quickly. Users can transfer files easily and quickly with high speed USB 3.0/Type-C interface. It can be easily mounted into 5.25" drive bay of your computer case for added card reading capabilities.

Brand: STW
Model: STW-3125
Installation:5.25" drive bay2 * audio ports
Compatibility: for MD, CF(CFⅠ, CFⅡ, Ultra, Extreme, I-Pro, Ultimate), MMC(MMC, MMC Mobile), MS(MS Pro, MS Pro Duo, Magic Gate, Extreme, Ultra), XD(X card, Type H, Type M), M2(Memory Stick Micro M2), TF and many more card formats
Item weight: 215.6g / 7.60oz
Item size: 14.5 * 7.5 * 4.2cm / 5.70 * 2.95 * 1.65in (L * W * H)
Package weight: 325g / 11.46oz
Package size: 20 * 17 * 6.5cm / 7.87 * 6.69 * 2.56in (L * W * H)

Package List:
1 * Internal card reader
4 * Screws
1 * User manual (English, Chinese)

Docooler Sunshine-tipway STW 5.25 inches Internal Card Reader Me

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