12pcs,www.derekscope.co.uk,Eartips,/creeshy346384.html,Electronics , Accessories Supplies,Adapters,(N-B-RND),Replacement,Comfort,Round,S/M/L,$9 12pcs N-B-RND S M L Round Eartips Translated Comfort Replacement Adapters $9 12pcs (N-B-RND) S/M/L Comfort Round Replacement Adapters Eartips Electronics Accessories Supplies 12pcs N-B-RND S M L Round Eartips Translated Comfort Replacement Adapters $9 12pcs (N-B-RND) S/M/L Comfort Round Replacement Adapters Eartips Electronics Accessories Supplies 12pcs,www.derekscope.co.uk,Eartips,/creeshy346384.html,Electronics , Accessories Supplies,Adapters,(N-B-RND),Replacement,Comfort,Round,S/M/L,$9

12pcs N-B-RND S M L Nippon regular agency Round Eartips Translated Comfort Replacement Adapters

12pcs (N-B-RND) S/M/L Comfort Round Replacement Adapters Eartips


12pcs (N-B-RND) S/M/L Comfort Round Replacement Adapters Eartips

Product description

Compatible with the Following Klipsch In-Ear Earphones : Klipsch X20i.. Klipsch X12i.. Klipsch X11i.. Klipsch Lou Reed X10i and X10i.. Klipsch XR8i.. Klipsch X7i.. Klipsch X6i.. Klipsch R6, R6i and R6m.. Klipsch R6 .. Klipsch A5i.. Klipsch AS-5i... Klipsch S5i.. Klipsch X4i.. Klipsch Reference S4i, S4i Rugged, S4i II, S4a II, and S4.. Klipsch AW-4i.. Klipsch S3 and S3m.. Klipsch S2 and S2m.. Klipsch Image X1.. Klipsch Custom 1,2,and 3 Product Description: -These Comfort Eartips Earbuds provide great noise isolation. Close the music in and Keep the madness out -Water washable, antistatic, removable and replaceable. -Perfect fit and comfort for your ears, left and right. -Perfect replacement for any damaged, scratched or lost Eartips Earbuds. -You can also use these to provide better hygiene - when you change often Measurements: Small : Outer Diameter (10mm).. Height (10mm)... Medium : Outer Diameter (12mm).. Height (10mm)... Large : Outer Diameter (14mm).. Height (10mm)

12pcs (N-B-RND) S/M/L Comfort Round Replacement Adapters Eartips

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