Abbreviation:  Lup
English Name:  The The Wolf
Genitive: Men
Hemisphere:  Southern Hemisphere
Location: Between the constellations of Scorpius and Centaurus.
Visible between latitudes:  
+35 and -90 degrees.
Best season: June
Seen in three seasons: Spring, Summer, and Autumn.
Best seen in:  During the middle of June.
Seen between: Only June.
Right Ascension (RA):  15 hour
Declination (DEC):  +45 degrees
Area (square degrees):  334 (46th)

Lupus (The Wolf)

  • Lupus lies in the Milky Way, and almost joined with the constellation of Centaurus (The Centaur)
  • It has no objects of particular interest, but this constellation is home to a number of Open Cluster and Globular Cluster.

Messier Objects

  • No Messier Objects in Lupus.

Features of Interest

  • NGC 5822  –  this is large Open Cluster as it would look through binoculars or a small telescope (Magnitude: +10.3); similar apparent size to the Full Moon.
  • IC 4406  –  Planetary Nebula, it has dust clouds and has the shape of a torus; despite this, it looks somewhat rectangular because it is seen from its side as viewed from Earth, almost in the plane of its equator.

Named Stars

  • Men (Alpha Lupi)


  • Photo of the constellation; Lupus, as it appears to the naked eye. (Lines have been added for clarity.)
  • Sky Chart  –  Lupus
  • List of stars in Lupus.


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