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Abbreviation:  Leo
English Name:  The Lion
Genitive: Regulus
Hemisphere:  Northern / Southern Hemisphere (Underlined means the more area in square feet in Southern Hemisphere.)
Location: Between the constellations of Virgo and Cancer.
Visible between latitudes:  
+90 and -65 degrees
Best season: Spring
Seen in three seasons: Winter, Spring and Summer
Best seen in:  March/April
Seen between: January and June
Right Ascension (RA):  11 hour
Declination (DEC):  +15 degrees
Area (square degrees):  947 (12th)

Leo (The Lion)

  • Large and easily identified constellation of the Eclipitic.
  • Its brightest star is magnitude +1.0 Regulus, you can find Leo in the sky by looking for the “Sickle” starting at Regulus and following the backwards question mark or a hook by an easily recognizable pattern of six stars. (To find Regulus, use the Big Dipper for the “Sickle“.)
  • Leo contains many bright galaxies; there are five of Messier’s Catalog.
  • The Sun passes through it from 10 August to 16 September, so better to view it in the month of April.

Messier Objects

  • M65 – Spiral Galaxy, small group of galaxies consist of the galaxies M66 and NGC 3628, also known as The Leo Triplet.
  • M66 - Spiral Galaxy, small group of galaxies consist of the galaxies M65 and NGC 3628, also known as The Leo Triplet.
  • M95 - Barred Spiral Galaxy, the classical example of a barred spiral galaxy in the Messier Catalog.
  • M96 - Spiral Galaxy, very bright and large, little covered, suddenly much brighter, having patches in the middle.
  • M105 – Elliptical Galaxy, large, round & brighter in the middle.

Features of Interest

  • Leo Triplet – Probably the most interesting member of the Leo Triplet was too faint for Messier to notice. (See the drawing; NGC 3628 (bottom), M66 (top right) and M65 (top left) – all three are large sprial galaxies.)
  • NGC 2903 – Other pretty spiral galaxy in Leo, which Charles Messier missed when compliling his catalog.

Named Stars

  • Regulus (Alpha Leo)
  • Denebola (Beta Leo)
  • Algieba (Gamma 1 Leo)
  • Zosma (Delta Leo)
  • Ras Elased Australis (Epsilon Leo)
  • Adhafera (Zeta Leo)
  • Chort (Theta Leo)
  • Al Minliar al Asad (Kappa Leo)
  • Alterf (Lambda Leo)
  • Ras Elased Borealis (Mu Leo)
  • Subra (Omicron Leo)


  • Photo of the constellation; Leo (the bright object in the centre of this photo is the planet – Jupiter), as it appears to the naked eye. (Lines have been added for clarity.)
  • Sky Chart  –  Leo
  • List of stars in Leo.


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