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Abbreviation:  Cyg
English Name:  The Swan
Genitive: Deneb
Hemisphere:  Northern Hemisphere
Location: Between the constellations of Cephus and Draco.
Visible between latitudes:  
+90 and -40 degrees
Best season: Autumn
Seen in three seasons: Summer, Autumn and Winter
Best seen in:  September
Seen between: May and November
Right Ascension (RA):  21 hour
Declination (DEC):  +40 degrees
Area (square degrees):  804 (16th)

Cygnus (The Swan)

  • Feature constellation of Cygnus, often nicknamed “The Northern Cross”; its brightest star is Deneb (Magnitude: +1.3)
  • Deneb forms one corner of the Summer Triangle, with Vega in Lyra and Altair in Aquila. (See the photo.)
  • It lies in a rich part of the Milky Way.

Messier Objects

  • M29 – Open Cluster; similar to the Seven Sister (M45), M29 is ten times farther away and is much less famous than The Seven Sisters.
  • M39 – Open Cluster; Very large but very loose Open Cluster.

Features of Interest

  • NGC 7000 – North America Nebula; large nebula, visible under dark skies with binoculars or a wide field eyepiece for telescope – also known as Caldwell 20 (C20), the astrophotography takes the image that resembles the outline of North America map.
  • NGC 6826 – The Blinking Planetary; also known as Caldwell 15 (C15), is a planetary nebula – too bright with large telescopes to have the striking “blinking” effect seen with smaller telescopes.
  • NGC 6992 – The Veil Nebula; left behind by the explosion of a massive star thousands of years ago – a large supernova remnant as left over to be seen today in Cygnus.
  • Albireo – one of the great small-telescope showpieces in the sky; even low magnification views resolve it into a double star – brighter yellow star making a striking colour contrast with its fainter blue star. (Click me for location.)

Named Stars

  • Deneb (Alpha Cyg)
  • Albireo (Beta 1 Cyg)
  • Sadr (Gamma Cyg)
  • Gienah Cygni (Epsilon Cyg)
  • Azelfafage (Pi 1 Cyg)
  • Ruchba (Omega 2 Cyg)


  • Photo of the constellation; Cygnus, as it appears to the naked eye. (Lines have been added for clarity.)
  • Sky Chart  –  Cygnus
  • List of stars in Cygnus.


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