$48 Halloween Prop Animated High Voltage Fuse Box Electric Sounds Toys Games Party Supplies Toys Games , Party Supplies,Voltage,Box,Animated,Sounds,$48,Halloween,Electric,Fuse,High,www.derekscope.co.uk,Prop,/china-prioritizes-yellow-river-cleanup/ Toys Games , Party Supplies,Voltage,Box,Animated,Sounds,$48,Halloween,Electric,Fuse,High,www.derekscope.co.uk,Prop,/china-prioritizes-yellow-river-cleanup/ Halloween Prop Animated Lowest price challenge High Voltage Fuse Box Electric Sounds Halloween Prop Animated Lowest price challenge High Voltage Fuse Box Electric Sounds $48 Halloween Prop Animated High Voltage Fuse Box Electric Sounds Toys Games Party Supplies

Halloween Max 47% OFF Prop Animated Lowest price challenge High Voltage Fuse Box Electric Sounds

Halloween Prop Animated High Voltage Fuse Box Electric Sounds


Halloween Prop Animated High Voltage Fuse Box Electric Sounds

Product description

Add a shocking twist to your haunted house with this High Voltage Box animatronic! This box features two long cables that will move as though they're electrified! Perfect for any electrifying occasion. This prop lights up extremely bright and is equipped with LED lights (like a strobe light), on and off) while the electrical chords at the bottom move rapidly and violently to the left and right, forwards, and backwards.The lights go all the way to the bottom of the cables, (so the whole unit is electrocuted) while also making loud electrocution buzzing sounds. It's also sound and motion activated. Make a loud noise or clap your hands (while in the on position) and it will activate. Would be ideal for any part of your Halloween party, a maze, attached to a body, a mad scientist room, a Frankenstein set up,or an electrocution scene

Halloween Prop Animated High Voltage Fuse Box Electric Sounds

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