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LN LUCIANO NATAZZI Men's Cow Vest Bike Super sale Leather Moto Excellence

LN LUCIANO NATAZZI Men's Cow Leather Moto Bike Vest


LN LUCIANO NATAZZI Men's Cow Leather Moto Bike Vest

Product description

Luciano natazzi fashion designer introduces 100 percent full grain all cow leather vest with a special design and finish. Zip-front vest featuring stand collar. 4 front pockets with zipper, 3 interior pockets buttoned and zippered. Thick leather jacket with diamond lightly padded lining. Zip thru collar with knit rib and attached belt. Professional dry clean only, imported. (S = us 36/37) (medium = us 38/39) (l = us 40/42) (extra large = us 44/46) (to 2x-l = us 48/50) (to 3x-l = us 51/52) (to 4x-l = us 53/54)

LN LUCIANO NATAZZI Men's Cow Leather Moto Bike Vest


Shri Bhaskar Sarma, IAS

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