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Darker View
Public nature of the internet also makes this personal database available to anyone in the world who wishes to share in what they have seen in dark skies…

Deep Sky Objects Browsers

  •  Find some Deep Sky Objects for your observing skies for tonight!  –  Find some Deep Sky Objects for your observing skies! (The first thing you’ll see when you arrive is a page with filter boxes.)

List of Deep Sky Objects Printable
(Michael Vlasov)
This work is a printable field guide and observing list of deep-sky objects. It provides basic information about 7000 objects (up to magnitude 14) and features additional ~700 select DSO, with negative thumbnail images. Michael Vlasov, he made it using SAC database as main source of data, excluding objects with declination lower then -60º (south).


Downloadable Deep Sky Observing Guide ( by Alvin Huey)

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