Rotary,Dragonhawk,Brass,/bifarious497342.html,Steel,Tattoo,$107,Spring,EX-2,Frame,A,Beauty Personal Care , Personal Care,,Machine Dragonhawk Virginia Beach Mall EX-2 Rotary Tattoo Machine Spring Steel A Brass Frame $107 Dragonhawk EX-2 Rotary Tattoo Machine Brass Frame Steel Spring A Beauty Personal Care Personal Care $107 Dragonhawk EX-2 Rotary Tattoo Machine Brass Frame Steel Spring A Beauty Personal Care Personal Care Dragonhawk Virginia Beach Mall EX-2 Rotary Tattoo Machine Spring Steel A Brass Frame Rotary,Dragonhawk,Brass,/bifarious497342.html,Steel,Tattoo,$107,Spring,EX-2,Frame,A,Beauty Personal Care , Personal Care,,Machine

Dragonhawk Virginia Beach Mall EX-2 Rotary Tattoo Machine Spring Steel A Brass Time sale Frame

Dragonhawk EX-2 Rotary Tattoo Machine Brass Frame Steel Spring A


Dragonhawk EX-2 Rotary Tattoo Machine Brass Frame Steel Spring A

Product description

Frame: Solid Brass
Motor: Custom Mast Coreless Motor
Voltage: 4V-12V
Speed: 10V/10000rpm
Adjustable Stroke Length: 1mm-4mm
Weight: 145g
Connect: RCA
Powerful custom Mast corelessmotor increased torque with less voltage. This machine could be used both shading, lining, large area coloring. Dual springs.This rotary machine have spring and armature bar set-up that ensure more Stable frequency, have stronger rebound. Could be used with traditional tattoo needles and cartridges grips

Dragonhawk EX-2 Rotary Tattoo Machine Brass Frame Steel Spring A


Shri Bhaskar Sarma, IAS

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