AirPods Case Cover Ranking TOP13 Compatible with Kobe Silicon Airpods and 1 2 $8 AirPods Case Cover Compatible with Kobe, Airpods 2 and 1 Silicon Electronics Accessories Supplies Airpods,Electronics , Accessories Supplies,with,$8,/bifarious346242.html,Case,Kobe,,AirPods,Compatible,Cover,Silicon,2,,and,1 $8 AirPods Case Cover Compatible with Kobe, Airpods 2 and 1 Silicon Electronics Accessories Supplies Airpods,Electronics , Accessories Supplies,with,$8,/bifarious346242.html,Case,Kobe,,AirPods,Compatible,Cover,Silicon,2,,and,1 AirPods Case Cover Ranking TOP13 Compatible with Kobe Silicon Airpods and 1 2

AirPods Case lowest price Cover Ranking TOP13 Compatible with Kobe Silicon Airpods and 1 2

AirPods Case Cover Compatible with Kobe, Airpods 2 and 1 Silicon


AirPods Case Cover Compatible with Kobe, Airpods 2 and 1 Silicon

Product description


AirPods Accessories Case for AirPods 1st/ 2nd This cute AirPods case cover is compatible for AirPods 1st/ 2nd, It is made from premium dust guard silicone rubber.
The soft silicone effectively absorbs shock when dropped, therefore protecting your Air Pods from impact.
The classic leather design on this silicone Airpod case protector makes the case anti-slip and dust guard,
protects your valuable AirPods from dirt, dust, drops, keeping your AirPods case from scratches or being damaged from droppage.
This soft silicone case cover has accurate mold positioning, easy to install, perfect for your AirPods. It has a precise fit without bulkiness.
This airpod case cover comes with a classy looking metal carabiner.
You can connecte it to anything ( such as keychain, purse, belt loop, handbag, backpack) and securely carry your AirPods around.
Package include:
1 x AirPods case accessories cover
1 x metal Carabiner
Please note AirPods and charging case are NOT included

AirPods Case Cover Compatible with Kobe, Airpods 2 and 1 Silicon


Shri Bhaskar Sarma, IAS

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