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Phomo AirPods Pro High quality 5% OFF Case Snakeskin Leather Handcrafted Cover

Phomo AirPods Pro Case Cover,Snakeskin Leather Case,Handcrafted


Phomo AirPods Pro Case Cover,Snakeskin Leather Case,Handcrafted

Product description


Case material:
Case is made from high-quality PCamp;ABS with handmade embossed snakeskin patterned full grain leather on the top layer.
Compatible with Apple Airpods Pro.
Hardware for strap:
Zinc alloy hardware can withstand a force of 49N.
Length:64.5mm, Height: 49.5, Width: 25.5mm
Colors for the case:
Sliver, Gold.

Cowhide products should not be used underwater, such as showering and swimming.

About Us
Phomo is a combination of Phone and Modern. What Phomo wants is to make digital product more fashionable. The main force of Phomo team is industrial designers, who insist on continuous innovation and improving production technology, and are committed to making technological aesthetics the core of the Phomo brand.

Phomo AirPods Pro Case Cover,Snakeskin Leather Case,Handcrafted


Shri Bhaskar Sarma, IAS

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