$23 Webcam with Microphone, NerdEthos 1080p HD Webcam with Tripod an Electronics Computers Accessories Electronics , Computers Accessories,Tripod,an,1080p,Webcam,/b/Office-Equipment-Supplies/25298/bn_1856567,HD,NerdEthos,$23,www.derekscope.co.uk,Webcam,with,with,Microphone, Webcam with Microphone NerdEthos an HD Tripod 1080p Free shipping Electronics , Computers Accessories,Tripod,an,1080p,Webcam,/b/Office-Equipment-Supplies/25298/bn_1856567,HD,NerdEthos,$23,www.derekscope.co.uk,Webcam,with,with,Microphone, Webcam with Microphone NerdEthos an HD Tripod 1080p Free shipping $23 Webcam with Microphone, NerdEthos 1080p HD Webcam with Tripod an Electronics Computers Accessories

Webcam with Microphone NerdEthos an HD Finally resale start Tripod 1080p Free shipping

Webcam with Microphone, NerdEthos 1080p HD Webcam with Tripod an


Webcam with Microphone, NerdEthos 1080p HD Webcam with Tripod an

Product description

NerdEthos FULL HD Webcam with Microphone is your perfect choice for video calling and recording

Built-in Noise Reduction Microphone

Webcam with microphone is built in an 8m omnidirectional sound absorption and noise reduction mic. Ensure your clear calling easy video chat experience.

Full HD 1080P

Effective 1920*1080 resolution capture true to life image and video at 30 frames/sec, 2 million pixel high-definition image allows you to experience crystal video in every environment.

Works with Most Major Software

The USB 2.0 web camera is compatible with: Skype, Youtube, Facebook, Xbox One, OBS, Mixer, Zoom, Hangouts, FaceTime, Twitter, Twitch, WhatsApp, Yahoo, MSN, Android, IPTV, and more.

USB 2.0 Plug and play

Webcam for desktop come with USB 2.0 connector. Easy to set up, no driver needed. Special design Mounting clip can be flexibley placed to any desktop/laptop/PC.

360 Degree Adjustable Rotation

Upgraded built-in 360°rotation webcam with privacy cover breakthrough the rotation angle limit, you can easily move the camera to any angle you need.

High-Definition Video Calling and recording

"The NerdEthos webcam with microphone for desktop with privacy shutter provides premium quality video that makes you look like a pro. Full HD 1080p at a fluid 30 fps fit with any of the most popular video calling apps!"

Webcam with Microphone, NerdEthos 1080p HD Webcam with Tripod an

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