Night Sky

IMG_5230Above the Night Sky was captured at France with my boy, Oscar,
was on clear dark night, and the Milky-Way can be seen as a pale
glowing band that stretches across the sky.
(Click here for enlarged photo.)

Night Sky

  • the Night Sky is brightened by the stars and the Moon.
  • most lights in the sky are stars, sometimes, you see the moving star or flashing lights may be satellites.
  • about 4,000 stars can be seen with the naked-eye, depending your location – due the light polluted.

Hong Kong
For example I went to the city at Hong Kong (too light / bad sky) and went to the countryside at Blue Mountain in Australia (dark / brilliant sky).

(Click here for enlarged photo.)

  • pale band  across the middle of the sky is a side-on view of our galaxy, known as the Milky-Way. (See above photo.)
  • “brightest star” in the night sky are not actually stars at all – the planets; Jupiter, Venus. (see below photo)

Mostly  people thought this were some stars.

  • pattern of stars in the sky is fixed, but seems to turn through the night sky because of the Earth spins, which takes 23 hours and 56 minutes for the star pattern to return to the same place in the sky.
  • as Earth orbits around the Sun therefore our view of the stars changing and  starting in a different place each night.
  • different patterns of stars are seen in the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere. (See below)

Northern Hemisphere

Southern Hemisphere

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