Kevin Smith’s telescope is protected by his large dome,
which opens to let his telescope point at the night Sky
for either observing or astrophotography.


  • study of the night sky is called astronomy.
  • astronomy – from Moon, moons, asteroids, comets, planets to stars, nebulas, galaxies.
  • astronomy – most ancient of all the sciences, back dated at least over 4,000+ years.
  • ancient Egyptians used their knowledge of astronomy; working out their calendar and align the pyramids.
  • astronomy – ‘astro’ means ‘star’ and ‘nomy’ meaning ‘law’ – this word comes from the ancient Greek.
  • use telescope to observe objects that are too faint or too small to be seen with naked-eye.

Professional Astronomers

  • usually study photographs and computer displays instead of staring through telescopes.
  • many space objects only show appearing on long-exposure photographs.
  • can be spotted for new objects in the night sky by laying some current photographs over some previous photograph that they are looking for difference to spot – see below.

Space objects

  • space objects give out other kinds or radiation besides light
  • astronomers have special equipment to detect this. (See radio and space telescopes.)


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