Moon Phases 2014

(New moon / First Quarter / Full moon / Last Quarter)

Here the black bold text below as New Moon which is moonless, good for astronomical observing the Deep Sky Objects with dark skies, and the red bold text below as Full Moon which will be good for beginners to learn the recognised constellations by the brightest stars.

Moon phase 2014 Date Time
New Moon Wednesday 1st January 11:14/11.14am
First Quarter Wednesday 8th January 03:39/3.39am
Full Moon Thursday 16 January 04:52/4.52am
Last Quarter Friday 24th January 05:19/5.19am
New Moon Thursday 30th January 21:39/9.39pm
First Quarter Thursday 6th February 19:22/7.22pm
Full Moon Friday 14th February 23:53/11.53pm
Last Quarter Saturday 22nd February 17:15/5.15pm
New Moon Saturday 1st March 08:00/8.00am
First quarter Saturday 8th March 13:27/1.27pm
Full Moon Sunday 16th March 17:09/5.09pm
Last Quarter Monday 24th March 01:46/1.46am
New Moon Sunday 30th March 19:45/7.45pm*
First Quarter Monday 7th April 09:31/9.31am*
Full Moon Tuesday 15th April 08:42/8.42am*
Last Quarter Tuesday 22nd April 08:52/8.52am*
New Moon Tuesday 29th April 07:14/7.14am*
First Quarter Wednesday 7th May 04:15/4.15am*
Full Moon Wednesday 14th May 20:16/8.16pm*
Last Quarter Wednesday 21st May 13:59/1.59pm*
New Moon Wednesday 28th May 19:40/7.40pm*
First Quarter Thursday 5th June 21:39/9.39pm*
Full Moon Friday 13th June 05:11/5.11am*
Last Quarter Thursday 19th June 19:39/7.39pm*
New Moon Friday 27th June 09:09/9.09am*
First Quarter Saturday 5th July 12:59/12.59pm*
Full Moon Saturday 12th July 12:25/12.25pm*
Last Quarter Saturday 19th July 03:08/3.08am*
New Moon Saturday 26th July 23:42/11.42pm*
First Quarter Monday 4th August 01:50/1.50am*
Full Moon Sunday 10th August 19:09/7.09pm*
Last Quarter Sunday 17th August 13:26/1.26pm*
New Moon Monday 25th August 15:13/3.13pm*
First Quarter Tuesday 2nd September 12:11/12.11pm*
Full Moon Tuesday 9th September 02:38/2.38am*
Last Quarter Tuesday 16th September 03:05/3.05am*
New Moon Wednesday 24th September 07:14/7.14am*
First Quarter Wednesday 1st October 20:33/8.33pm*
Full Moon Wednesday 8th October 11:51/11.51am*
Last Quarter Wednesday 15th October 20:12/8.12pm*
New Moon Thursday 23rd October 22:57/10.57pm*
First Quarter Friday 31st October 02:48/2.48am
Full Moon Thursday 6th November 22:23/10.23pm
Last Quarter Friday 14th November 15:16/3.16pm
New Moon Saturday 22nd November 12:32/12.32pm
First Quarter Saturday 29th November 10:06/10.06am
Full Moon Saturday 6th December 12:27/12.27pm
Last Quarter Sunday 14th December 12:51/12.51pm
New Moon Monday 22nd December 01:36/1.36am
First Quarter Sunday 28th December 18:31/6.31pm



*=British Summer Time (BST)

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