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HABA Max 58% At the price OFF My Very First Games Tidy Cooperative Organizing Up Game -

HABA My Very First Games Tidy Up! - Cooperative Organizing Game


HABA My Very First Games Tidy Up! - Cooperative Organizing Game

Product description

Product Description

Little Tomcat tiptop has been playing all day. Now it is time to tidy up. But where to put the building blocks? where does the fire engine go? what about the stuffed giraffe? who can help tiptop put the toy tiles in the right places so his room is nice and tidy? winning is fun, losing not so much. But both belong together - in life and in play. Playing is fun and offers variety. Playing teaches patience. Playing lets us be Happy for other players and learn to get over our own defeats. Playing also incidentally and unconsciously trains concentration, memory, reaction skills and lots more. Everyone who plays has the chance to win - in every new round of the game or in life in general.

Set Contains:

1 game shelf (= assembled in game box), 1 Tomcat Tiptop, 18 toy tiles (6x building blocks, 6x stuffed animals, 6x vehicles), 3 toy chests, 1 set of instructions.

HABA My Very First Games Tidy Up! - Cooperative Organizing Game

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