Amateur Telescopes

Amateur telescope
An amateur optical telescopes magnify distant objects using lenses or mirrors
to focus light rays, which makes an enlarged image of the objects.

Amateur Telescopes

  • there days there are three main types of telescopes.
  • most early discoveries in astronomy were made with refracting telescopes.
  • refracting telescopes – optical telescopes that use lenses to refract (bend) the light rays.
  • reflecting telescopes – optical telescopes that focus light rays by reflecting them off curved mirrors.
  • reflecting telescopes bend the light rays back on themselves so they are shorter than refracting rays.
  • most astronomers do not gaze at those stars directly – pick up what the telescopes shows with light sensors called Charge-Coupled-Devices (CCDs).

More information about amateur Telescopes

Naked-eye v Binoculars v Telescopes
The chart is shown the differences in viewing between methods of Naked-eye, Binoculars and telescopes.

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