Indianapolis Mall NECA National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation F Clothed Clark Santa Clothed,$0,Clark,NECA,National,Toys Games , Toy Figures Playsets,F,Vacation,Lampoon's,,Santa,/about/young-iro/,Christmas Indianapolis Mall NECA National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation F Clothed Clark Santa Clothed,$0,Clark,NECA,National,Toys Games , Toy Figures Playsets,F,Vacation,Lampoon's,,Santa,/about/young-iro/,Christmas $0 NECA National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Santa Clark Clothed F Toys Games Toy Figures Playsets $0 NECA National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Santa Clark Clothed F Toys Games Toy Figures Playsets

Indianapolis Mall NECA Special sale item National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation F Clothed Clark Santa

NECA National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Santa Clark Clothed F


NECA National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Santa Clark Clothed F

Product description

"This Christmas, in Clark’s quest for the perfect family gathering, he’ll short out Chicago’s power grid, electrocute a cat, battle a tree-loving squirrel, hold his boss hostage and spend some quality time with the local police department… maybe it’ll be a Merry Christmas after all! Celebrate more than 25 years of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation with this retro clothed action figure from the hilarious holiday classic movie. Santa Clark stands 8” tall and is dressed in intricately tailored fabric clothing similar to the iconic toy lines of the 1970s. The figure features the authorized likeness of Chevy Chase and includes plenty of accessories for complete holiday cheer: Marty Moose mug, removable Santa hat and replica model pool. Comes in collector-friendly window box packaging.

NECA National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Santa Clark Clothed F

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