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Wholesale MoKo Case Fit iPad Pro 12.9 Support Ap 2021 35% OFF Inch Gen 5th

MoKo Case Fit iPad Pro 12.9 Inch Case 2021(5th Gen), [Support Ap


MoKo Case Fit iPad Pro 12.9 Inch Case 2021(5th Gen), [Support Ap

From the brand

Move Onward, Keep Outstanding
Move Onward, Keep Outstanding

Our story

How we got our start?
Founded in 2007, MoKo saw the future of the digital accessories market. 14-year running, we've kept the fundamental mission to enchance mobile lifestyle.
What makes our product unique?
All MoKo products are elaborately crafted to stand out in style, quality and innovation.
Why we love what we do?
MoKo team is not only passionate about technology, but also relentlessly pursues perfection, all just to bring charm of tech to people worldwide.

Product Description

Protective case for New iPad Pro 12.9 2021


Custom designed for your precious New iPad Pro 12.9 2021(iPad Pro 12.9 5th Generation) tablet only. This MoKo case features a combination of super performance and style, accompany your high-tech and mobile life with maximum comfort and pleasure.

Side opening allows for pencil's magnetic attachment
More gorgeous colors
B08V163SNT  B08TZXX54Y
Soft TPU Translucent Back Cover Case Multi-Angle Magnetic Absorption Cover Case Magnetic Adsorption Slim Cover Case
Compatibility New iPad Pro 12.9 2021(iPad Pro 12.9 5th Generation) New iPad Pro 12.9 2021(iPad Pro 12.9 5th Generation) New iPad Pro 12.9 2021(iPad Pro 12.9 5th Generation), iPad Pro 12.9 2020
Material PU Leather Exterior + Flexible TPU Back Shell + Microfiber Lining Premium PU Leather + Microfiber Lining + Hard PC Backshell Premium PU Leather + Microfiber Lining
Support Apple Pencil 2 Wireless Charging
Multi-color Options - -
Scratch Resistant
Multiple Viewing Angles
Features Soft Translucent Back, Easy to Install Multi-Angle Magnetic Stand, Built-in Apple Pencil Slot Strong Magnetic Attachment, Slim amp; Lightweight

MoKo Case Fit iPad Pro 12.9 Inch Case 2021(5th Gen), [Support Ap

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Drugs case live: 'Scared I might be framed', says NCB director
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