Ceres and Vesta to be seen this month

140421-010a Close-up for Ceres and Vesta
140422-011 Vesta and Ceres to be seen

Two asteroids are visible this month in April 2014
Ceres and Vesta, in the constellation of Virgo, are reasonably well placed in the evening sky - Vesta is at opposition on April 13th and Ceres on April 15th, at which time these asteroids shine at magnitude +5.8 and +7.0, respectively.

The magnitudes of the asteroids on dates are listed below:-
April 1st 2014  –  Ceres (Mag: +7.1) / Vesta (Mag: +5.9)*
May 1st 2014  –  Ceres (Mag: +7.2) / Vesta (Mag: +6.0)
June 1st 2014  –  Ceres (Mag: +7.8) / Vesta (Mag: +6.6)
July 1st 2014  –  Ceres (Mag: +8.4) / Vesta (Mag: +7.1)
August 1st 2014  –  Ceres (Mag: +8.8) / Vesta (Mag: +7.4)
September 1st 2014  –  Ceres (Mag: +9.0) / Vesta (Mag: +7.7)**

*Meet us at Milton Keynes Deaf Astronomical Society on Thursday 24th April 2014 (more information)
**Meet us at BDAA event @ North Norfolk (more information)

Star Map
Click here for a full-page printable finder chart for Ceres and Vesta in 2014 by Sky and Telescope.

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