China lands Jade Rabbit robot rover on Moon today.

A camera on the landing module showed the Chine craft’s descent to the surface

China says it has successfully landed a craft, a major step in its programme of space exploration.


1) The mission launched on a Chinese-developed Long March 3B rocket on Sunday 1st December from Xichang in the country’s south

2) At a distance of 4m, the lander switched off the thrusters and fell to the lunar surface – robotic rover, called Yutu, which translates as “Jade Rabbit”, on the surface of the Moon where took place on a flat plain called the Bay of Rainbows.

3) The Jade Rabbit was expected to be deployed several hours after touchdown, driving down a ramp lowered by the landing module.

Reports suggest the lander and rover will photograph each other at some point on Sunday, more article by Paul RinconScience editor, BBC News website.



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