The Universe

Universe is everything that we can ever know
all of space and all of time.


Before the Universe . . .

It came into existence there was nothingness;

  • no space
  • no time
  • no energy
  • no matter


The Big Bang

The Study of the Universe since the Big Bang

  • explosion (known as the Big Bang) – latest estimates of the Universe’s age; it’s now about 14 billion years old.
  • future and large-scale (features is known as Cosmology. )
  • expanding and continues getting bigger all the time.
  • most distant galaxies are rush outwards in all directions – moving away from us at about 90% of the speed of light.
  • recent theories suggest that our Universe may just be one of countless bubbles of space-time.
  • no maximum possible temperature in the Universe.
  • accurate minimum possible temperature of -273ºc.
  • working in specialized laboratories, they cannot achive this ultimate low temperature than -273ºc.
  • matter is not spread out evenly throughout the Universe.
  • on the largest-scale, the Universe lies up of thin filaments (fibre), each one made of millions galaxies that surround huge empty space that contain nothing but clouds of hydrogen (gas) between galaxies.


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