Red Shift

History of Universe“Red Shift” happens whenever a light beginning moves away
from an observer that the most distant objects in the Universe.

Red Shift

  • when distant galaxies are moving away from Earth – the light waves giving off to stretch out behind them; because of little light wave is being sent from a little further away.
  • when the light waves from distant galaxies are stretched out in this way – they look redder – this is called red shift.
  • the increase of red shift with distance proved that the Universe is growing bigger.
  • only nearby galaxies show no red shift at all.
  • the most distant galaxies have red shifts around up to seven
  • “Red Shift” can be caused by the expansion of the Universe – gravity or effect of relatively.


  • Christian Doppler  – Red Shift was first described by Austrian mathematician in 1842. (wikipedia: Christian Doppler)
  • Edwin Hubble  –  he showed that a galaxy’s red shift is relative to its distance – further away galaxy is the greater its red shift and the faster it must be zooming away from Earth; this is known as Hubble’s Law. (wikipedia: Edwin Hubble)

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