The radiation (radios, visible light and nuclear blasts) is
all exactly the same thing, just different amounts of energy.


  • energy that is given out by atoms at high speed is called radiation – two main forms; atomic particles and electromagnetic radiation.
  • electromagnetic radiation that either travels as waves or as tiny particles called photons (see light)
  • radioactivity  –  atom decays (break down) to send out gamma rays and particles.
  • nuclear radiation – generated by atomic bombs and nuclear power station.
  • electromagnetic radiation  –  electric and magnetic fields that move in tiny bursts of waves or photons.
  • There are different kinds of electromagnetic radiation; each with different wavelengths.



  • gamma rays  –  very short wave; energetic and dangerous form of electromagnetic radiation.
  • visible light  –  only part of the electromagnetic spectrum that can be seen with the human eye.
  • radio waves  –  low energy radiation.


Electromagnetic Spectrum

  • in between gamma rays and radio waves are X-rays, ultraviolet rays, visible light, infrared rays and microwaves.
  • together above these forms of electromagnetic radiation are called the electromagnetic spectrum.
  • all electromagnetic rays move at the speed of light  –  186,282 miles per second!
  • everything that can be detected in space is picked up by the radiation that it gives out.

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