No direct evidence (yet) that there is life
on other planets, moons, or in interstellar space.


  • life is only known to exist on Earth. (see the photo)
  • life on Earth probably began 3.8 billion years ago. (diagram)
  • first life form – probably bacteria that lived in very hot water around underwater volcanoes. (photo)
  • most scientists believe that life’s basic chemicals formed on Earth – others think that they came from space, maybe on comets. (diagram)
  • basic organic chemicals – amino acids have been detached in nebulae and meteorites.
  • huge lightening flashes may have caused big organic molecules to form on he earth when it was young.
  • earth is suitable for life because of its gas atmosphere – surface water and moderately warm temperatures. (diagram)

Did you know?

  • Saturn’s icy moon – Titan, has evidence of organic (life) chemicals in Titan’s atmosphere.  (More information: wikipedia)
  • Jupiter’s moon – Europa, probably has water below its surface, which could spawn lie?  (More information: wikipedia)

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