Gravity is force that attracts objects toward the centre of the Earth

Earth’s Gravity

  • holds everything on Earth on the ground and stop it flying off into space.
  • holds our Earth together keeps the Moon orbiting our Earth. (diagram)
  • our Earth, Saturn, Jupiter, comets, etc – all orbiting our Sun. (diagram)

Gravity Acts

  • gravity acts on all matters in the Universe.
  • stars burn by squeezing their matter together – this is caused by gravity.
  • force of gravity depends on mass (the amount of matter in an objects) and distance.
  • more mass an object has and the closer it is to another objects – the more strongly its gravity pull (like Earth pulling Moon).
  • Black Hole have the strongest gravitational pull in the Universe.

Laws of gravity

  • the basic laws of gravity can be used for anything, including detecting an unseen planet by studying the flickers in another star’s light.
  • Einstein’s theory of general relativity shows that gravity not only pulls on matter, but also bends space and even time itself. (diagram)


  • Orbits are the result of a perfect balance between the force of gravity on an object  –  pulls it inward towards whatever it is orbiting.
  • its forward momentum  –  keeps it flying straight onwards. (diagram)


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